Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Sister's Wedding

My baby sister was married this month.  I have a sister in law who is an amazing photographer who did the wedding and engagement photos, but since she was unable to make it to the receptions, I busted out my camera to capture a few memories for them.  Here are just a few of the lovely bride and the first reception's decorations.

Isn't she gorgeous?  She was a beautiful bride!

We went with a vintage theme and the Wednesday before her reception I was kind of in a panic.  Nothing had been put together for it - decoration wise.  So we sent my mom off to town and Becca, Alena and I started scouring the house.  We opened every drawer, box and bin in my mother's house.  Both of my parents recently had their mothers pass on and so there are three cedar chests full of amazing things as well.  We would open a box or a drawer and find something great, hold it up for approval and then add it to the stack. Treasures from grandmas' houses and great grandma's lives were hidden everywhere.  So much fun!  We even had a great start with some bottles Rebecca and I had collected from Cory's mom.  All of the lace/doilies came from the cedar chests.  Kinda makes me feel like an underachiever in the crafting category.

The camera belonged to my grandfather and took pictures that were made into 3D slides - very cool.

That purple feather pen sat on the sign in table at my parents wedding reception.

Those glass bottles we borrowed from Cory's mom.

The hand embroidered handkerchief was our grandmother's as well as that beautiful saucer and sugar bowl.

The antique oil lamp was used by ladies long ago to heat up that curling iron you see.  They would set it down inside the glass to heat up.  The hand mirror and curling iron belonged to our great grandmother.

My sweet mother in law let me borrow this sweet old phone that belonged to her grandfather.

An antique frame, great grandma's hand gloves, a rose cut from my mother's garden, our grandmother's costume jewelry beads and the ring box that held my great grandmother's engagement ring - every piece has a story.  This setting was one of the favorites of all of us.  It's so beautiful and feminine.

Melissa was just seven years old when I moved out of our house and went to college.  Just a little thing.  It was a delight to have her come live with me this last year and get to spend a little bit of every day with her.  She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.